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Beyond commercial opportunities, AngloArgentine Polo Services S.R.L was also founded due to a love of Argentina and a desire to breed and train horses using gentle methods from birth, ensuring that their relationship with their handlers and trainers is one of mutual respect and trust. 

It is important to shareholders of AAPS to support causes in Argentina that foster equal education opportunities,  community outreach, and support for disadvantaged children amongst others.

 We also look to support and promote equine welfare and wellbeing in other countries.

As such, shareholders of AAPS have pledged to make a donation to the following charities each time an AAPS horse is sold, in 2011 and in the future:  HelpArgentina,  S.O.S Childrens' villages, and The Brooke Hospital for Animals.

Links to the charities follow below; we encourage you to explore the great work they do.

 http://www.helpargentina.org/en/helpargentina   http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/     http://www.helpboth.org/


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