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'Grey Record'. 16hh Grey registered thoroughbred stallion. Ex-playing stallion registered as Polo Argentino stallion with Argentine Polo Assocation for excellent aptitude, temperament and confirmation.

Sire: Grey Owl (USA), Winning racehorse, son of Caro; sire of more than 70 track winners.

Dam: Recordandote by Broken Penny (Canada), son of Northern Dancer, excellent racehorse and sire. In 2004 all 18 starters in the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe had Northern Dancer’s blood in their pedigrees.

Excellent temperament and sire of correct and promising youngstock.  SOLD .

'Ytacua Anillo'. Registered bay 15.1 hh Polo Argentino stallion. Reserved for breeding after injury prevented training for polo. DECEASED.

Sire: Ossiyol, grandson of Four Fingers.
Dam: Medalla, daughter of Indulto.

Indulto: Thoroughbred sire and grandsire of numerous excellent playing ponies. Registered Polo Argentino, winner of Argentine Polo Association stallion ranking 1995. Sire of various high handicap playing ponies, including YTACUA BENGALITA, played by Gonzalo Pieres (h)between 1995 and 2001, playing double chukkers in many games. Played in Palm Beach 2003 (B. Heguy) and in the USPA GOLD CUP Greenwich 2003 (M. Aguerre) where she won the USPA GOLD CUP Best Playing Pony.
Offspring who have played the Argentine Open : YTACUA BAMBA played by Adolfo Cambiaso, YTACUA BIENVENIDA played by Bartolomé Castagnola, YTACUA BOMBAY played by L. Criado, YTACUA BRASITA played by Tomás Fernández Llorente, YTACUA BONITA played by Miguel Novillo Astrada, YTACUA PATA played by Pablo Mac Donough, YTACUA PURITA played by Mariano Aguerre, YTACUA RASPADITA played by Milo Fernández Araujo, YTACUA TARARIRA played by Mariano Aguerre and YTACUA PERICON (PAMPERO) played by Ignacio Novillo Astrada.
YTACUA BENGALITA: Best registered Polo Argentino playing pony in the Argentine Open 1998.

Four Fingers: Sire and grandsire of numerous excellent playing ponies. Sire of important polo stallions: Miao Tao, Laico, Reencuentro, Anciano, Thales. Grandsire of numerous players of the Argentine Open.


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