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Chapaleufu Romano. Please click on picture for full pedigree.



Chapaleufu Romano. Registered Polo Argentino Stallion.

Sire: Polo Nevadito.  Dam: Rubi.

Breeder : Pepe Heguy.

POLO NEVADITO: Winner of Argentine Polo Association Stallion Ranking 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Reserve Champion stallion SRA 2001, Reserve Champion Stallion AAP exhibition 2000, Champion Stallion AAP exhibtion 1998, Champion Stallion AAP exhibtion 1996, Reserve Champion stallion SRA 1996. Father of 3 recent grand champions at the SRA : CHAPALEUFU NEVADA 2001, VASCA JAZZ 2002 and CHAPALEUFU CALANDRIA 2003(Best mare for aptitude and performance SRA 2001). Played all open championships from 1997 to 2003 with Alberto Heguy (h), Ignacio Heguy y Milo F. Araujo. 27 offspring played Argentine Open 2006, from the first generation of his offspring alone the following have played the Argentine Open : CHAPALEUFU NEVADA (Pepe H.), GT TANGO (Pepe H. ), CHAPALEUFU LANZA (Pepe e Ignacio Heguy y M. Azzaro) CHAPALEUFU CALANDRIA (E. Heguy), POLO DELTA (A. Heguy),VASCA VENDETA (E. Heguy), VASCA JAZZ (E. Heguy y G. Laulhé) VASCA PUNTA NEVADA (G. Laulhé),VASCA MAGIA (G. Laulhé), VASCA RUSA NEVADA (G. Laulhé), POLO ALUVION (G. Laulhé); CHAPALEUFÚ CANCHERITA (A. Heguy).
Father of the following stallions: VASCO MAMBO (A. Pieres), CHAPALEUFU CANARIO y CHAPALEUFU CANDIDATO (Champion SRA 2004) and POLO ALUVION (played by G. Laulhé, Open tournaments 2004).

RUBI: Player of all Argentine Opens from 2001-2008 with Pepe Heguy and Milo F. Araujo, including 2 chukkers in finals. Double-chukkered in Argentine Open final of 2002 when Pepe Heguy won prize for best mounted player of the Open.  One of the best mares in the final of the 2004 Argentine Open. Winner of the best mare in the Tortugas Open in 2002. One of Pepe Heguy's best mares in the last 10 years.

Chapaleufu Romano's full sister, Chapaleufu Esmeralda, played the Argentine Open with Pepe Heguy and was the best youngster of her generation , used for embryo transfer in 2009. 

Chapaleufu Romano's full sister, Chapaleufu Nigeriana, was sold for the highest price bid in the entire AACCP fillies auction in Autumn 2008.

                                                                                                               Chapaleufu Romano has sired promising foals in his first 2 seasons; 83%  fillies, with excellent confirmation and temperament.

Chapaleufu Romano has an exceptionally calm temperament and is now playing practice matches.

Limited number of live coverings and frozen semen available. Please contact: polo@poloservices.com

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