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Welcome to AngloArgentine Polo Services S.R.L (AAPS) ; an Argentine Limited Liability Company founded by British shareholders in order to breed polo ponies from carefully selected Argentine stock at the Calito ranch in Buenos Aires Province.

We cater for a variety of needs, and focus on Polo Argentino stock with proven bloodlines, including those of El Sol, Polo Nevadito, Rubi, Indulto, La Pepsi, Sal Gruesa, Rainbow Corner, Buena Moza, La Mecha and Mi Heroe.

All of our horses have exceptional temperaments and receive excellent care and veterinary attention.

Our foals benefit from a natural breeding programme and horsewhispering-based training from birth, producing balanced, responsive youngsters with exceptional temperaments and potential for their future athletic career.

At AAPS we believe in providing polo ponies with the genetics to succeed on the field, and the environment and training to ensure they maximise their potential. Our horses are pasture raised; creating relaxed, happy horses who are hardy and healthy and give their best in training. AAPS foals are all trained from birth using horsewhispering and doma india techniques, producing an exceptional level of versatility, respect, trust and docility as the foundation for a succesful polo career. 

We constantly strive to improve the genetics of our herd. Breeding stock is made up of a combination of mares and stallions purchased for their excellent bloodlines and polo skills, home bred mares, and mares majority bred by Lolo Castagnola (10 goal handicap) that form part of a breeding agreement between AAPS and Lolo Castagnola. For full pedigree details for stallions, broodmares and 2008-2010 foals please click on the photo of the horse in question; this will link you to a full pedigree profile.

 Horses are displayed four across, please scroll across each page to see all profiles.

For further details or for purchase enquiries please do not hesitate to e mail us at: polo@poloservices.com


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